Club Constitution


Yateley Silverbacks Club Consitution

  1. Yateley Silverbacks Basketball Club (the club) was established to provide its members with the opportunity to play basketball irrespective of their skill level.
  2. The club is established as an ‘Unincorporated Association.’
  3. A member shall be defined as any person whose application has been accepted by the chairman and who has paid the appropriate fees for that season.
  4. Though the club's official year shall run from 1st January to 31st December, membership shall run from the start of the season until the start of the following season.
  5. The administration of the club shall be carried out by Pete Daines, who is Chairperson, assisted by Corinne Brooks as Vice Chairperson.
  6. The AGM will be held, if requested, at the end of each season where members and non-members can apply to take on positions of responsibility.
  7. The treasurer shall present, if requested, a full statement of accounts to the AGM and these will be subjected to an independent audit by a qualified accountant if required.
  8. Those members of the club responsible for team selection shall do all possible to ensure all members wishing to be considered for selection receive an equal opportunity to do so. All club members will receive fair and equal treatment in all aspects of club life except court time which will be decided on by the coaches of each team.
  9. It is always the responsibility of the member to notify his/her availability.
  10. All players will be expected to pay a monthly subscription to the club. Full-time students and any unemployed club members will pay a reduced subscription.
  11. All players representing the club are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit to the club and the game of basketball - see the separate Code of Conduct for more details.
  12. All players are expected to assist in setting up and clearing away the home court on match days in accordance with requirements outlined by the match officials and Wessex League regulations.
  13. Club management will be responsible for adopting any new policies and rules that affect the organisation of the club.
  14. All club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the club (Lloyds/TSB Yateley Branch). Pete Daines will be the signee for the account and therefore responsible for club finances.
  15. Any complaints regarding the behaviour of club members, either on or off the court, will be dealt with by a disciplinary committee selected by the Chairman.
  16. In the event of the club being closed down financially, all club members will be equally responsible to pay off any debts owed. If the club closes and money is left in the bank account this will be split equally among all current members.

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