Code of Conduct


Yateley Silverbacks Club Code of Conduct

Last Updated July 2023

  • Play within the spirit of the game. We all are involved to enjoy the game, officials included.
  • Treat everyone with respect. Do not tolerate foul, sexist, racist, homophobic or any behaviour that is derogatory to others.
  • Complement each other when there is good play and always thank a teammate for an assist!
  • Show patience and understanding to players who are learning the game, or of a lower standard.
  • · Take part in all team huddles whatever happens before, during or after the game.
  • Respect the decisions of the coach. Do not moan about court time. Address any concerns you may have in a constructive and calm manner after the game.
  • Never consider cheating, in particular, by attempting to improve individual performance by the use of drugs.
  • Exercise self-control at all times and learn to accept success, failure, victory, and defeat, with good grace and magnanimity.
  • Never argue aggressively with a referee or umpire, they will never change their mind. Tell the coach about your concern and he will talk to them.
  • If you receive a technical you will immediately have to leave the court and go to the bench. You can go back in when the coach feels you are calm enough.
  • There is an automatic £10 fine for anyone who receives a technical for referee abuse. Three technical fouls constitute an automatic one-game club internal ban.
  • In instances where there is continued misconduct and/or issues over discipline, the matter will be discussed by the Club's Disciplinary Committee.
  • If deemed necessary, the Disciplinary Committee may give a formal warning to a member who is involved in persistent or serious misconduct.
  • In the last instance, a member may be asked to leave the club.
  • Help set up and clear away before and after matches and training.
  • Attending post-game socials is expected where possible.
  • Attending Club Social Events is expected.
  • Attendance at training sessions is expected. Court time can be dependent upon commitment.
  • Ball hogs and shooting ‘black holes’ will not be tolerated!
  • Pay subs on time or expect not to be selected.
  • Run back on defence or expect to be benched.
  • Veterans to help younger players, never criticise.
  • If not selected, or injured, you are still expected to attend matches to support, assist, and learn, if possible.

This Code of Conduct has been written with reference to Basketball England’s Code of Ethics & Conduct and the Wessex Basketball Disciplinary Guide. For more information contact Pete Daines on 07903 524608.

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